The Biosimilars Working Group is a key collaboration of diverse non-profit organizations, registered health charities, and health care advocacy coalitions who are dedicated to ensuring that good outcomes for patients are at the centre of health policy in Canada, specifically in the biologic medication treatment areas.

We create up-to-date and evidence-based educational material for patients and health care professionals as a basis to inform our advocacy work on behalf of the patients who we serve.


The Alliance for Safe Biologic Medicines (ASBM) launched a new microsite that contains several resources on forced switching. They highlight the differences in policy approaches between forced switching in British Columbia and (soon to be) Alberta in contrast to European countries who protected patient and physician choice, achieved biosimilar savings, and maintained market competition.

ASBM has also included a letter-writing campaign so that you can take part and help us preserve patient-physician choice with biosimilar treatments as other provinces consider similar policies to BC and Alberta. To learn more, visit www.noforcedswitching.ca.

Provincial Biologics Policies

The situation in Canada for originator biologic and biosimilar policy is rapidly changing. Learn more about what each province is doing. Click here.

Biosimilars Working Group Responds to Phase II of the BC PharmaCare Biosimilars Initiative

On September 5, 2019, the BC government announced phase two of its Biosimilars Initiative. Read the Media Release.

To contact us, please email biosimilaroptions [at] gmail.com

Patient Experiences

Share Your Story

Are you a patient living in BC affected by PharmaCare’s Biosimilars Initiative? Please share your experience!

Learn more and submit your story here.

Biosimilar Focus Group Report

This 2018 report focuses on the perspectives of Canadian patients with inflammatory diseases. Learn what they think about biologics, biosimilars, and the treatment decision process.

View the report on the Gastrointestinal Society’s website.

Biosimilars Survey Results

This survey from 2015 asked Canadian patients with inflammatory bowel disease to answer questions about patients opinions and understanding of biologics and biosimilars.

View the results on the Gastrointestinal Society’s website.

Patient Support Programs

Trying to manage insurance coverage, adherence, and biologic treatment goals can be daunting. Patient Support Programs are available in Canada to help patients navigate these tasks.

Learn more about Patient Support Programs.

Switching to a Biosimilar May Decrease Adherence

Learn more about the complications of switching patients from an originator biologic to a biosimilar. Our article and accompanying infographic explain how switching decreases retention rates.